RockWrap - 12 Pack (1" Rigid Tape)

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Rock Wrap helps athletes stabilize and immobilize areas where strength is needed. Available in 1” (2.5cm). Each roll is 16.4’ long (5m)

EasyRip, no scissors needed
Super sticky
Perfect for stability and strength applications

Use for:

CrossFit - Wrist, ankle and hand stability
Baseball - Wrist, hands, feet and equipment
Football - Ankle, feet and wrist
MMA/Boxing - Hand, wrist, toes and foot Lifting - Wrist and hand stability
Gymnastics - Wrist, hands, feet

Application instructions include:

Finger/Joint sprain
Wrist sprain/strain
Shoulder sprain/strain
Knee sprain/strain
Elbow sprain/strain
Achilles Tendon

12 rolls of 1 inch athletic tape RockWrap logo